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Played Kraftwerk Music and songs.

Harry Haryono

Music teacher, Classical Guitar, music producer, DJ, music arranger, traditional music angklung and gamelan trainer, choral music, music composition, multimedia art and visual performance, content creator, internet marketer, digital marketing, experimental music, passionate in educational art and culture.


Also known as DJ Arrome ( 2002 - 2020 )

Updated 2023

I am a composer, music teacher, and create a lot of creativity for students, providing experience in the process of making art.  

Among my musician friends and at the campus where I studied, I was usually called DJ Arrome. Because I'm also a DJ. But now I am more focused on teaching Music and enjoy doing some experiments related to music and technology.

o  Facebook : harryharyono11

o  Instagram : harryharyono.smi

o  Youtube    : @MusicArrome

Music Teaching


Artist Collab



Contemporary Music Commision

In this project I given a chance as a young composer in 2016. Promoted by Jakarta Art Council in Taman Ismail Marzuki.

Performing an experimental electronic music with contemporary dancer.

Work with " SORA ( Sound of Heritage ) #1 " held in Taman Budaya - Bandung

as Show Director.  

Playing guitar amidst the bustle while waiting to enter class

Recuardos de Alham

My Goong Solo performance playing with Ensamble Gending from Amsterdam

In this project I played Gong gamelan instrument. Excerp from Mr Klaus Kluifer gamelan Works.